Book Layout Projects
Hitch a Ride on the Color Express Children's Book Layout & Illustration Editing
The publisher hired me to lay out pages for this children's book. I was given illustration image files and a pdf with the text, which I combined to create the book in InDesign. After I completed the initial layout, the publisher asked me to make some changes to the illustrations to condense the number of pages and improve readability.

I extended the blue floor to the left on the first page so that it didn't appear to be two small unrelated illustrations on one page. On the second page, the publisher wanted to clarify that the boy was speaking in the second paragraph, so she asked me to create a speech bubble mimicking the author's chalk line style. On the third page, I repeated several lemon elements from the author's illustration to turn her one-page illustration into a two-page spread that could hold a block of text. 

My aim was to not call attention to the fact that I was merely duplicating lemons from the original, so I turned and flipped the lemons accordingly. The publisher and author/illustrator were both extremely happy with the final layout.

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